Travianer Dorfleben

Thank you for your visit.

Sadly we have to announce that this project will be put on hold. There won't be put any work into the Urstromtal for the forseeable future. Because of that the server and forums will be disabled and the homepage will only be continued with sparingly.

This decision doesn't come lighthearted and happened after months of debating. It's just not possible in any other way. There are many underlying reasons. One being the time constraints. Next to jobs, studying etc. there is often just not enough spare time, energy and motivation to invest in the project.

Next to that we were rather unlucky with programmers over the past years. Some had to leave, some were unrealiable and inactive. To find new people and get them up to speed does again take a lot of time and effort which we just can't spare anymore.

Another reason is the legal complexity. Unlike proper development studios we don't have our own law division which can guarantee us that we are in the clear - legally. The new GDPR doesn't make that easier either. The responsibilities here are just too big.

We will not throw the progress we made into the trash bin and we don't want to rule out that this project will get continued one day. We just don't want to get anybody's hopes up that this will happen in the near future - if it happens at all.

This step is very hard for us, Travianer Dorfleben and Urstromtal are our "babies" and we are sad about all the invested time and effort. But it is a necessary step and the decision is final.

Finally we want to say: Thank you! To everybody who put their faith and loyalty in us. Thank you to all the team members who tried their hardest to keep this going - without pay in their free time. A special thanks to the playtesters!

We are sorry to disappoint you people, we feel the same way.

See you around

Team Dorfleben